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  • Easy to use format to find the legal form you need to suit your budget  whether you use the free legal forms or need something more detailed you can download the legal document you need quickly
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    Husband and Wife - Termination by Divorce
    Omission of Former Spouse
    Agreement For Remarriage



    Detailed Professional Legal Forms

    Legal Divorce Forms and Documents
    You don't need to go to court to settle your divorce with our easy to use divorce forms if it is an amicable divorce. An uncontested divorce settlement can save you thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

    Legal Name Change Kits and Documents
    If you need to legally change your name its now a very simple process. Whether you need to change your name because you're getting married, divorced or just to change you name there is a name change kit for you.

    Legal Separation Forms and Documents
    There is no need to get lawyers involved in your separation, that just adds up to unneeded bills when you need them least. Its easy to define the terms of your separation in plain english with our Legal separation forms.

    Legal Premarital Forms and Documents
    Premarital agreements are not so frowned upon anymore they are becoming more popular and easier to use. Now with pre-nuptial kits its getting cheaper to protect your own financial well being from the legal issues created by separation.




    E-Z LEGAL'S DIVORCE KIT - $24.95
    E-Z Legal's Divorce Kit Spouses who want an amicable divorce no longer need expensive and contentious lawyers. If you and your spouse are childless, have few assets and agree on their division, Divorce can save you money, time and stress, as it has for thousands of others. Divorce fully explains and simplifies divorce law, take you through the legal steps, and provides state-by-state information to complete and file the forms.
    Divorce Legal Software Download Available
    Price: $24.95 USD
    Find out more about this Divorce Kit
    Buy an E-Z Legal Divorce Kit



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